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How the process looks like ?

Our main goal is that the procedure for purchasing a car from the US would be fully clear and understandable to everyone. We are well aware that not everyone can be the gurus of a car buying process. Moreover, most of the people who buy the car from the US auction are doing this for the first time. Our job is to help you understand separate steps of car buying process and give confidence in the services we provide. Here are the main steps for your fast and easy car purchase: 

  1. Enter your maximum bid for a vehicle in the blank box. You can enter the auction by placing your maximum bid or using our „live“ feature that will allow you to participate in the auction live. In order for your registration to be successfully approved, the system will ask you to pay a refundable deposit of 450 EUR.
  2. If your maximum bid is the highest, you will become a winner of the auction. It should be noted that the amount you offer will not necessarily match the final price of the car. For example, if your maximum bid was 8,000 EUR, there is a chance that the vehicle will be sold for an actual price of 6,500 EUR or less (depending on buyer activity during the auction). In any case, you will be given the real price of the car. Once you receive the final price information from us, you will have to pay the rest of the car price.
  3. We will deliver the vehicle directly to your designated location in Lithuania or any other country for an additional fee.
  1. We will collect all necessary documents so that your chosen car could be imported to the European Union. We will also pay all the required fees and will provide you with a vehicle which is fully ready for registration.
  1. If necessary, you will be able to order all the necessary original parts for the repair of your car from our e-shop. We will offer you a wide range of parts at low prices. Choose between used and new original parts with warranties from manufacturers.
  1. If necessary, we will arrange all the repair works of your vehicle at our agreed additional cost. Vehicle repair costs in Eastern European countries are much lower in comparison with Western European part. Once our specialist will establish the condition of your car, we will offer the lowest possible repair price. All repairs are subject to an additional fee and are carried out by a service company that specializes in specific car repairs.
  1. If necessary, we will take additional action to certify and register your car in Lithuania or Germany. In this case, you will receive the car with all the European (EU) standards supporting documents.
  1. Some of our customers have been successfully selling their cars from US auctions later on in Lithuanian or foreign markets. If you decide to sell your purchased car or you are considering buying and repairing a car for sale, we will help you place ads not only on the local car selling portals (,, etc.), but also on other major EU market websites (,, etc.).

Our experienced sales managers speak all local languages and will ensure qualified communication with potential buyers of your car to help sell your car as soon as possible. Cars from the US can be sold with defects or fully repaired. Our new car selling feature allows you to place your cars ad on all popular portals in one click.

For more information about the purchase procedure, shipping, documentation and certificates, see: How it works?