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Buying a car from the US has always been one of your biggest dreams, but the complicated purchasing procedures made you worry? Fear no more! have made the car purchases from US insurance auctions quick, smooth and easy!

In our system you will have the ability to choose your own car or other vehicle with just a few clicks. On our site, vehicles are sold with defects: after accidents, hails, water or other damage. By offering your price at the auction, you have the opportunity to buy the car you want and forget about all the other complicated procedures for buying a car from the US auctions.

We take care of everything so that your car would reach your specified location safely and conveniently. This includes all the main actions.

Have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to support you with all possible information!

Why ?


Buying a car from US insurance auctions has never been so relaxing! We provide detailed telephone consultation, answer specific questions and explain the separate steps of the procurement procedure.

All cars are sold through insurance-organized auctions directly from insurance companies, so all procedures are completely legal and trusted. And here comes the best part -get the car you want at the lowest possible price!

Economic benefit
Because of the market size, US car auctions have much lower starting prices compared to Europe. Receive a great economic value by buying the car from US and repairing it at your local service.

Speed and convenience
Our system is made for quick and easy car purchase. Forget about all the extra efforts. Speed and convenience is what makes our platform stand out. Buy a car from the USA with just a few clicks of a button!

Purchase procedure:

Our main goal is that the procedure for purchasing a car from the US would be fully clear and understandable to everyone. We are well aware that not everyone can be the gurus of a car buying process. Moreover, most of the people who buy the car from the US auction are doing this for the first time. Our job is to help you understand separate steps of car buying process and give confidence in the services we provide. Here are the main steps for your fast and easy car purchase:

1. Enter your maximum bid for a vehicle in the blank box. You can enter the auction by placing your maximum bid or using our „live“ feature that will allow you to participate in the auction live. In order for your registration to be successfully approved, the system will ask you to pay a refundable deposit of 450 EUR.

How does it work ?

Purchase of a vehicle from the US auction

All vehicles with a fixed selling price can be purchased directly by clicking the “Buy Now“ button. To complete this action, no registration is required. A vehicle without a specified price can be purchased by entering the maximum bidding amount in the blank box. The offer will be accepted after a paid deposit of 450 EUR and completed registration process. The deposit can be returned at any time after the auction has finished.

Unlike other sites where you have to pay for everything separately, our platform will sum up all the auction fees (bidding fee, vehicle loading from the auction parking lot fee, auctioneer fee, etc.) during your bid. Your final offer will not necessarily match the final selling price of the car. For example, even if you offer a maximum of 12,000 EUR, you will be able to purchase a vehicle for 7,500 EUR or even less depending on the demand of the car.